Beginners’ Guide to Buying E-juice

What is E-juice?

E-juice, also known by the terms e-liquid or vape juice, is a core component of vaping. It is the fluid or liquid thаt is used іn e-сіgаrеttеѕ оr vароrіzеrѕ. Thе e-сіgаrеttе hеаts uр thе e-juісе and turns іt іntо vароr whісh is thеn іnhаlеd just like smoking cigarettes. The mаіn dіffеrеnсе with еlесtrоnіс cigarettes іѕ thаt they do not burn the e-liquid, they simply heat it to a point that it vaporizes. Continue reading “Beginners’ Guide to Buying E-juice”

Does vaping prevent weight gain?

One of the main problems ex-smokers encounter is that when they stop using cigarettes, they begin to accumulate pounds. It is often concerned over this problem that prevents some people, and especially women, from quitting the habit. Evidence has shown that an average person can gain up to 5kg in the first year after quitting. One of the reasons for this is because nicotine is an appetite suppressant and it also acts to boost the metabolic rate, helping smokers to stay slim. Taking the source of nicotine away results in a lower metabolic rate combined with an increased appetite, and this triggers excessive snacking. Ex-smokers often find that instead of going for their cigarettes, rather turn to use sugary candy and pounds pile up. Although nicotine replacement therapy can help control weight gain and help smokers quit more easily, recent research has shown that switching to vaping with an e-liquid containing nicotine is a much better solution. Continue reading “Does vaping prevent weight gain?”

Myths about vaping & latest research

Of course, as the vaping trend has grown over time, there are proponents for it, and of course, there are criticisms of the trend. The truth is that millions of people around the world have changed to vaping from smoke; and most importantly, vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking standard tobacco cigarettes. And whether you vape or not, we are sure there are several myths that you have heard about vaping, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid. The truth is, that if you are educated or just partake in a bit of research you will soon realize that these rumours can be easily debunked. Check out these popular vaping myths below and read on as we explain to you why they are in fact, not true. Continue reading “Myths about vaping & latest research”

Electronic Cigarette Reviews

We wanted to share a great site with listings of reviews of all sorts of electronic cigarette brands and tips. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for reviews on electronic cigarettes or other electronic vaping devices. Have fun checking them out!

180 Smoke Review – Perhaps the most trusted e-cigarette company in North-America

5 Top Rated! is a one-of-a-kind e-cigarette & vape company that truly stands out among the current landscape of tobacco alternative providers. The company sells vape products online and thought retail stores. In fact, this is perhaps the only company that was actually started by a famous medical professional. Dr Gopal Bhatnagar, one of the world’s leading heart and lung surgeons, grew tired of seeing his patients coming in with any number of heart and lung problems, so he decided to do something about it. Rather than pestering clients to stop smoking (which as we all know, doesn’t work), he provided an alternative solution through e-cigarettes that seem to be getting popular by the day. As is generally known, and I can attest to it through personal experience, most people have a hard time quitting because of the habit of holding the cigarette and puffing on it to feel relaxed. And then there is the social side of it which was my biggest issue till I got a e-cig for my bday a year ago. Continue reading “180 Smoke Review – Perhaps the most trusted e-cigarette company in North-America”

Where Can I Get An Electronic Shisha / E-Hookah in Wholesale?

One of the most popular types of electronic cigarettes on the market today is the electronic shisha. What sets the electronic shisha apart from the rest is there is no nicotine. The stylish electronic shisha pen allows the user to smoke anywhere like pubs, nightclubs and airports because there is no second hand smoke emitted, just simple harmless vapor.

These disposable pre flavor loaded electronic shisha pens are available online in just about any flavor you can think of with new ones like apple, bubblegum and cappuccino being added to the line up all the time. Most of the electronic shisha pens being marketed today are a simple puff and go with no button to push and an LED light at the end to mimic a cherry red glow. Check with your online supplier to find the right fit for you. Continue reading “Where Can I Get An Electronic Shisha / E-Hookah in Wholesale?”

Where Can I Buy An Electronic Cigarette?

Purchasing your new electronic cigarette has never been simpler. It is fantastic that you have made the change to the much safer e-cig and are going to enjoying the health benefits that are associated also. There are three common ways to shop for your electronic cigarette and they are locally at a store, an online store that specialize in e-cigarette sales and service or directly from the manufacturer over the phone or online. Continue reading “Where Can I Buy An Electronic Cigarette?”

What Is The Best Electronic Cigarette Type?

Most people consider making the change to an electronic cigarette because they are curious about benefits associated with them. First of all there is no tar, carcinogens and all 4,000 of the other bad chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. There are also no fire hazards with lighters or matches or foul odors which will please any of your non smoking family and friends. Making the switch to an electronic cigarette is an easy choice and by answering a few questions honestly, determining what is the best electronic cigarette type is for you is pretty easy also. Continue reading “What Is The Best Electronic Cigarette Type?”