E Cigarette Liquid

Due to E-Cigarette Liquid smoking healthier electronic cigarettes has never been easier than these days. With huge strides in quality across the board, most e-cigs now perform very well. Now they’re available in many different blends! For those who have refillable cartridges there is a new trend that is getting stronger every day on the e-cig market. The e cigarette liquid market has just exploded with new and exciting flavors to tempt your pallet coming out every day. The social electronic cigarette smoker will find the bold flavor of their favorite flavored e-liquid perfect for a night out. Seasoned smokers will find a rich full flavor blend like the Virginia very satisfying as an everyday basic.

Just a quick hop and a skip around the internet and you will many web pages full of new and existing flavors. Most suppliers offer several nicotine choices that range from 0 to 24 in strength and some even higher. Where the fun begins for most of us is when we take a look at the custom desert blends.

These sweet and tempting flavors like blueberry, apple and chocolate mint offer the same satisfaction in performance as other regular tobacco flavored e-cigarette liquid but with a sweet kick to it. Most often you will find at least 20 or more sweet delights listed at a website and are usually sold in the popular 15ml, 30ml and 60ml bottles. Nicotine levels may differ some but you can expect to see the strengths range from 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg and even 36mg offered. Some vendors even offer an extra discount when purchasing any of the non-nicotine blends.

Also becoming popular these days with the do it yourself crowd is to create custom flavors in the comfort of your home. Most online stores offer the buyer an e-liquid base or platform to build off.  All the necessary ingredients like nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavorings are there so you can create that perfect blend. The real fun begins when you craft blends that stretch your creativity. Try a simple blend of chocolate with a hint of orange for a sweet treat.

Smoking electronic cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes are a smart choice. They are a healthier and safer for you and help do your part in saving the environment and wildlife. You were once trapped in a box with very little flavor options other than regular and menthol. Think outside that box now and have some fun with the possibilities that E cigarette liquids have to offer. Most online stores offer starter kits for beginners!

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