How to Use an Electronic Cigarette

The most common question asked about electronic cigarettes is “how to use an electronic cigarette?”. This question is rather simple once you realize that what makes them tic. All electronic cigarettes perform the same. They are just small smoke machines that are used as the vessel to deliver nicotine in to your system. The big difference between a real tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette is the draw and weight. The e-cig has a slower draw meaning more short draws are needed and they are much heavier than a real cigarette

Understanding the basic components of an electronic cigarette plays a key role in understanding how to use an electronic cigarette. There are three basic parts to an e-cig. There is the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. You may hear different names being used for these items at different stores, so don’t let that throw you off track. The battery simply holds the energy or power. The atomizer is a heat coil used to vaporize the e-liquid in the cartridge and the cartridge or tip is used to hold the e-liquid ant this is the part you put in your mouth. Keep in mind that this is a very basic introduction to help you understand what and how an electronic cigarette does when you puff on it.

Some e-cigs are disposable and come pre loaded with e-liquid so all you have to do is smoke it or they can be rechargeable. Depending on what brand you buy the e-cig has a pre selected puff per e-cig amount from 300 more or less and on up. Once used you simply discard and use a new one. Some e-cigs are rechargeable and the entire three main parts, the battery, atomizer and cartridge are cleanable and replaceable. Most manufactures of this style of e-cig offer all three components in different colors to achieve that personal touch you may desire.

The answer is quite simple on how to use an electronic cigarette, use it like you would a tobacco cigarette. You will find the same satisfaction as a real one, but not with all the drawbacks like dark stained teeth, bad breath and smoke odor on your hands and clothes. One of the most notable benefits is freedom. Talk to an e-cig smoker about their likes and dislikes and then try one out for you self and see just how easy it is to use and live with an electronic cigarette every day.


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