What Are Smokeless Cigarettes?

What are smokeless cigarettes some people are still asking? It’s an electronic cigarette! An electronic cigarette is a safer and easier way to introduce nicotine into your system that uses a battery and heat coil to vaporize the liquid nicotine.  The e-cig has been around for several years now and we have seen many benefits associated with them. Smoking an electronic cigarette is much safer that the traditional tobacco cigarette. There are no carcinogens and tar to take in to your system with the e-cig and even no foul odors. The electronic cigarette is clean and produces no mess like ash to deal with. There is a seemingly endless supply of nicotine and non nicotine flavored liquids to choose from, like a sweet treat strawberry cheesecake to a Turkish blend that will truly satisfy you.

The health benefits stand strong all on their own but don’t forget about the environment and personal safety. There are no discarded cigarette butts that can harm wildlife and cause forest fires. On a personal safety level there are no matches or lighters and no hot cherry to burn you with and no risk of a house fire with a miss laid cigarette. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and only put off vapor which is harmless to people so they are allowed in most public places like airports, nightclubs, pubs, and stores unlike tobacco cigarettes. Socially your life will change for the good when smoking an electronic cigarette because you will receive a boost in your confidence when you have no lingering smoke odor on your clothes and no yellowing on your teeth.

Some electronic cigarettes look like a tobacco cigarette and even have led lights to give the appearance of a cherry. You will also find many electronic cigarettes do not look like an e-cig at all. All e-cigs need a battery, cartridge and or atomizer/cartomizer to operate. Cartomizers are a combination of an atomizer and cartridge in a single piece and come with nicotine pre loaded. When the cartomizer runs out you simply discard the unit. Electronic cigarettes that come apart are great because you can clean them on a regulator basis and discard only the peace that is no longer working.

The health and environmental benefits are all there just waiting for the taking. Your family and friends will love you for making the healthy change. Ditch the old habit and become an electronic cigarette smoker and see for yourself. Try it out with a starter kit!

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