Where Can I Get An Electronic Shisha / E-Hookah in Wholesale?

One of the most popular types of electronic cigarettes on the market today is the electronic shisha. What sets the electronic shisha apart from the rest is there is no nicotine. The stylish electronic shisha pen allows the user to smoke anywhere like pubs, nightclubs and airports because there is no second hand smoke emitted, just simple harmless vapor.

These disposable pre flavor loaded electronic shisha pens are available online in just about any flavor you can think of with new ones like apple, bubblegum and cappuccino being added to the line up all the time. Most of the electronic shisha pens being marketed today are a simple puff and go with no button to push and an LED light at the end to mimic a cherry red glow. Check with your online supplier to find the right fit for you.

A requirement to purchase electronic shisha pens online is that you must be a minimum of 18 years of age other than that there are many brands that differ slightly in colors, shapes and size. Most often when shopping online you will be able to buy either a short pack of e-shisha with up to 300 puffs per stick or long pack with up to 500 puffs per stick. Most are sold 5 sticks to a pack. Singles electronic shisha are also offered as a great way to sample new flavors and even new manufactures at a lower cost than a 5 pack to keep the investment of the experiment at a low price.

Prices are all over the place.  There is plenty of bling to be bought when it comes to e-shishas. The difference depends on the quality of materials used to make the electronic shisha and even the quality of the ingredients in the preloaded e-liquid.

Your local smoke shop or even mini mart may also stock electronic shisha pens but with their space confinements only carry the absolute top selling flavors and most often at a  higher than online shopping cost.

Shopping online offers you a huge variety of electronic shisha’s to choose from. It may involve some homework on your part to find the e-shisha that works the best for you; talk to other e-smokers about what they love about their e-shisha pen and if they would recommend it.  Also keep in mind that most online suppliers offer discounts or free shipping if you meet their minimum dollar amount at the checkout stand.

For a healthier alternative, quit smoking and make the switch to e-cigarettes in Canada at your local vape shop!

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