What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are still somewhat a mystery for many people. We see them in ads on TV and even in the stores but wonder what they are and most important, do they work? So what is an electronic cigarette? It is simply a hand held tool that is battery powered to introduce nicotine into your system like a tobacco cigarette does. So now do they work? Yes, very well. Best of all while smoking your e-cig you will receive all the nicotine you need without all the 4,000 other bad chemicals that come in a puff from a tobacco cigarette. The only thing that is left behind when you exhale is harmless odor free vapor.

To better answer the question of what an electronic cigarette is, we can look at the two choices used when we take a puff off an e-cig. There are two basic types of e-cigs on the market with the first being disposable and the second being rechargeable. The disposable e-cigs are just that; when they run out of the e-liquid and don’t work you simply discard them and get a new one. Rechargeable e-cigs can be cycled over and over and the parts can be cleaned and replaced when needed.
There are three basic components to an electronic cigarette. There is a battery, atomizer and the cartridge. The battery has the task of supplying the electricity to heat an electronic coil. It works by pushing a button or negative pressure when inhaling triggers a pressure switch to activate or turn on the battery. The atomizer is attached to the battery and is the heart of the unit. It has the task of heating the e-liquid via a small coil. The cartridge is attached to the atomizer and has the task of holding the e-liquid. This is done with a small piece of cotton or similar product and the cartridge is the part you puff on. Some of the e-cigs you will find on the market are manufactured with all of the components in one single piece.
Smokers it’s time to take a look at electronic cigarettes. What is an electronic cigarette? It is the simple new way to get the nicotine we smokers want but leave all the bad chemicals behind. Talk to anyone smoking an e-cig or even better try one out for yourself.

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