What Is An Electronic Hookah?

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing when looking for electronic vaporizer products like an electronic hookah. Some of the terms or slang used can throw you off track on your search. If you ever have any doubts, feel free to ask any questions about vaping to your local shop employee. One of the most frequently asked questions is what is an electronic hookah?

The modern electronic hookah (aka electronic-shishaelectronic-nargile, hookah pen) is very similar in design and operation to an e-cig, with really only one exception and that’s thev4l_logo lack of nicotine in the e-juice or e liquid depending on the country and brand. The electronic hookah uses a rechargeable battery and atomizer in place of a flame to burn e-liquid which replaces the tobacco used by a traditional hookah. The electronic shisha marketplace sees two specific types of electronic shishas, ones that are very similar to electronic cigarettes in terms of shape, size and use, and others that are more advanced and mimic a traditional shisha. The advanced electronic shisha’s can be used by multiple users at the same team through the multiple hoses. The technology used in both variants is fundamentally the same. Advanced electronic hookah’s last much longer, and provide more volume.

The electronic hookah market place however is changing a bit with consumers desiring liquid with nicotine and now nicotine is being introduced in some of the e-liquid blends. The electronic hookah is very popular with the over 21 crowd in nightclubs and pubs. The fact that the electronic hookah produces clean friendly vapor and there is no flame being used, allows it to be used indoors where cigarettes are not allowed. The electronic hookah uses a vaporizer that heats the e-liquid in to a gas or vapor that is expelled in to the air. The vapor produced has little to no odor and is safe to breathe and even for the environment of others. One of the best benefits other than better health is that there is no smoke smell on your breath or clothing which has embarrassed us all in the past when smoking cigarettes.

eShisha-Product-bannerThe electronic hookah uses a special formulated e-liquid that is known for its rich and bold flavor. With flavors like grape, strawberry and pineapple just to name a few it is easy to see why the electronic hookah is so popular. Particular attention to trendy styles, are used in the design of electronic hookahs with bright and vibrant colors used to please the customer. There are many different shapes and sizes available to fit anyone’s needs. Shop online and see if an electronic hookah will fit your lifestyle!
The electronic hookah has many benefits for its user. First it is safe to use indoors and outdoors. There is no need for an ashtray or a lighter or matches. The safe rechargeable battery can hold a charge for hours. The vapor you breathe in and exhale is safe to breathe with no ill health side effects. The fashionable styles and colors look great at social events like nightclubs with designs to fit your every mood. The e-liquids are available in almost every flavor you can imagine with new flavors coming out all the time. The electronic hookah allows you to smoke anywhere, anytime, with full body flavor and no odour.

There are a number of similarities between an ehookah and a vaporizer. Neither produce smoke or a flame and are safe to use outside as well as inside. If you are looking for the best vaporizers available online for Canadians, 180Smoke has a wide selection available. There are specific devices focused on wax and oil, and a number of portable options for vapers on the move designed with a fast paced lifestyle in mind.

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