180 Smoke Review – Perhaps the most trusted e-cigarette company in North-America

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180Smoke.com is a one-of-a-kind e-cigarette & vape company that truly stands out among the current landscape of tobacco alternative providers. The company sells vape products online and thought retail stores. In fact, this is perhaps the only company that was actually started by a famous medical professional. Dr Gopal Bhatnagar, one of the world’s leading heart and lung surgeons, grew tired of seeing his patients coming in with any number of heart and lung problems, so he decided to do something about it. Rather than pestering clients to stop smoking (which as we all know, doesn’t work), he provided an alternative solution through e-cigarettes that seem to be getting popular by the day. As is generally known, and I can attest to it through personal experience, most people have a hard time quitting because of the habit of holding the cigarette and puffing on it to feel relaxed. And then there is the social side of it which was my biggest issue till I got a e-cig for my bday a year ago.

Dr. Gopal and his team have developed a high quality, grass-roots focused and crowd-sourced brand that is far beyond anything else on the market. Find a 180Smoke vape shop near you and make the switch! Actions speak louder than words and that seems to be the general attitude of 180 Smoke!

The 180 Smoke Product Line

The products themselves are awesome. There are a number of e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and even e-hookahs available.

The e cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes, but feature a green light at the tip to let others know that you aren’t actually smoking. The nicotine cartridge on these is what stands this product apart from other brands, though. With a single cartridge in a 180Smoke e cig you are going to get almost twice the life. I have been using one for the past two days and it hasn’t shown any signs of running out yet.

The cigars and hookahs are also one of a kind. The cigars reproduce the relaxing luxury of smoking actual cigars and the hookahs even replicate the large smoke volume that traditional models would have. For occasional smokers these are a great choice. They are also available in the same flavors as the e cigs as well, just so you know.

Kits for beginners are also easily found from 180 Smoke. I am partial to the solar powered charger kit that is only $74 for everything you could possibly need!  and it is cool + eco-friendly!!


There are a wide variety of vape juice flavor cartridges for 180Smoke products, which range from cookie dough to cappuccino. These are compatible with the entire line, since many of them use the same kind, and are sure to help you find something delicious to replace the old taste of harsh tobacco. Your taste-buds will refuse to go back to cigarettes after you try the e-cig for a few weeks. True story!

Ordering From 180 Smoke

The ordering process for 180 Smoke is a pleasure compared to a lot of stores online. I had no problem finding just what I needed, placing an order, and having it shipped out the next day and receiving it within 2 days.

In the end, no matter what kind of product you are looking for, be it a starter kit, an advanced kit, a portable e-hookah or those tasty eCigars, you will find the right product for you from 180Smoke. The various types of “tobacco” products, flavors, prices, and charging options will make sure that you find just what you need. Highly recommended. I know you will agree!

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