What Is An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

So you have made the smart choice to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to the much better and safer electronic cigarettes. Once you have done the necessary research on the internet and talked over different brands of electronic cigarettes with your friends or people that smoke e-cigs, you will be able at that time to choose the brand that you want to try and this is where an electronic cigarette starter kit shines the most. Continue reading “What Is An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?”

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are still somewhat a mystery for many people. We see them in ads on TV and even in the stores but wonder what they are and most important, do they work? So what is an electronic cigarette? It is simply a hand held tool that is battery powered to introduce nicotine into your system like a tobacco cigarette does. So now do they work? Yes, very well. Best of all while smoking your e-cig you will receive all the nicotine you need without all the 4,000 other bad chemicals that come in a puff from a tobacco cigarette. The only thing that is left behind when you exhale is harmless odor free vapor. Continue reading “What Is An Electronic Cigarette?”

Top 10 Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

Now that you have decided to ditch the tobacco cigarette habit for the cleaner and much safer electronic cigarette, check out the buying guides online. There are many buying guides available online to help you in your decision making so you can find the electronic cigarette that best fits your demands. Individuals look for different qualities like; price over quality or even style over functionality. You may also find links to the manufacturer’s web site for further exploration and coupons along with their weekly and or monthly specials. Whatever the case is for you looking at a top 10 list of the best electronic cigarettes can offers very good information based on certain criteria so you can review a unit without the high out of pocket expense of purchasing them on your own. Continue reading “Top 10 Best Electronic Cigarette Brands”

What Are Smokeless Cigarettes?

What are smokeless cigarettes some people are still asking? It’s an electronic cigarette! An electronic cigarette is a safer and easier way to introduce nicotine into your system that uses a battery and heat coil to vaporize the liquid nicotine.  The e-cig has been around for several years now and we have seen many benefits associated with them. Smoking an electronic cigarette is much safer that the traditional tobacco cigarette. There are no carcinogens and tar to take in to your system with the e-cig and even no foul odors. The electronic cigarette is clean and produces no mess like ash to deal with. There is a seemingly endless supply of nicotine and non nicotine flavored liquids to choose from, like a sweet treat strawberry cheesecake to a Turkish blend that will truly satisfy you. Continue reading “What Are Smokeless Cigarettes?”

How to Use an Electronic Cigarette

The most common question asked about electronic cigarettes is “how to use an electronic cigarette?”. This question is rather simple once you realize that what makes them tic. All electronic cigarettes perform the same. They are just small smoke machines that are used as the vessel to deliver nicotine in to your system. The big difference between a real tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette is the draw and weight. The e-cig has a slower draw meaning more short draws are needed and they are much heavier than a real cigarette Continue reading “How to Use an Electronic Cigarette”

E Cigarette Liquid

Due to E-Cigarette Liquid smoking healthier electronic cigarettes has never been easier than these days. With huge strides in quality across the board, most e-cigs now perform very well. Now they’re available in many different blends! For those who have refillable cartridges there is a new trend that is getting stronger every day on the e-cig market. The e cigarette liquid market has just exploded with new and exciting flavors to tempt your pallet coming out every day. The social electronic cigarette smoker will find the bold flavor of their favorite flavored e-liquid perfect for a night out. Seasoned smokers will find a rich full flavor blend like the Virginia very satisfying as an everyday basic. Continue reading “E Cigarette Liquid”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, which is often referred to an e-cigarette, e-cig, or personal vaporizer, is a battery-operated device which replicates smoking. When you draw on the e-cig, as you would with a regular cigarette, an atomizer vaporizes the liquid solution and in turn that is converted into a smoke-like vapor. That smoke-like vapor is inhaled by the e-cigarette user.

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